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Nydia Sepulveda -
 Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Denman Welcomes its Unique Natural Burial Cemetery!

Denman Island is home to a community cemetery that is the first modern cemetery in Canada exclusively dedicated to natural burial.

Natural burial returns remains to the earth without the pollutants used in conventional burials and the landscaping and concrete vaults used in most cemeteries.

No gravestones are used. Instead, natural vegetation is allowed to grow over the burial sites. In the Denman Island Natural Burial Cemetery, two semicircular walls have been built in what is called the Gathering Space to hold small memorial plaques.

These will be the only permanent marker of those who are buried there. As well as serving as a natural burial ground, the Cemetery provides a place for walking and nature observation. Visitors are welcome at any time. Please be sensitive to the needs of others, especially when a group has gathered to commemorate the life of someone who is recently deceased.    

Visitors are asked to stay out of the areas intended for burials and scatterings. Instead, please enjoy the Gathering Space, the paths, or one of the benches. 

The northern point of the Cemetery leads into Alder Trail and the network of trails in Central Park. You are welcome to use the Allée (the main path through the Cemetery) to access these trails.  

Feel free to bring your dog when you walk in the Cemetery but please use a leash at all times. Horseback riding is not allowed.

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